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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CNN Promotes War Propaganda

CNN presented propaganda re China's military spending tonight (Erin Burnett, Up Front 1-04-12).  Classic fear info, delivered, urgently.  by Peter Brooks, Heritage Foundation, who told us China was involved in a massive buildup, while we were cutting our spending For example, China is building air craft carriers (2). With threatening pictures Brooks rolled out scary scenarios of China blowing up our ships.

Why is this propaganda? Because it is partial, distorted truth.  Compare: US defense in 2011 was $692,000,000,000.  China's was & 100,000,000,000.  China's projected increased spending for 2012 is 10%.  Current US military cuts are in the neighborhood of 5 to 6 (or so) billion.  Do the math. What is the purpose of this scare talk?  Military based corporations, politicians with defense plants in their districts,  Pentagon officials -- all the persons known as "Daddy Warbucks" want the rewards for military contracts.

And by the way, China may have 2 aircraft carriers, we have eleven.  Pressure is being mounted" for more. And Sec'y of Defense (War) Pinetta is currently moaning that we may not be able to fighting two wars at the same time if we cut spending. Be alert. Defense appropriation discussions have started.

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