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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cornbread Crumbs, etc.

As I get older, my memory grows dimmer; but, it does seem that our political banter is filled with invective and distortion in a manner higher than ever before.  And it comes from all sides of the political spectrum.  While I usually support the more liberal side of most propositions, this year I did not vote in any primary and declared myself to be an independent.

I supported the Health Care initiative in spite of the threats of "death panels" and the predictions that our country would be destroyed by it.  Where things stand right now it appears the economy is slowly turning around, jobs may follow in about six to nine months, and the control of nuclear proliferation looks like a winner (even though the Republicans may mount a push against ratification of the treaty, saying it weakens our national defense or what not).  We are now capable of destroying the world how many times over?

What is really scary is how our trust in the integrity of our leaders (on both sides) has been ripped apart.  The level of criticism is so acrid and hyperbolic that everyone loses.  Eric Severeid said, fifty years ago at another time of national crisis, "He who throws mud, loses ground."
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Feliz, Feldham, Francisco, Harden, Olsen, Wilson, and hopefully "Big Game" Hunter promise to be a solid pitching staff for the Texas Rangers.  Pitching has been the biggest problem in the past.  "It's Time" for the Rangers to step out..
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Going to England for the first time in June for two weeks.  It's tough setting an ininerary--so much to see.  London five days, Oxford (and Blenheim Palace), Bath (and side trip to Stonehenge)  then York for four days--that only leaves one day or so for the rest of the trip.  Any "don't miss" suggestions?
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iPad fever is growing in my head.  Anyone have one?  Any suggestions?  Any wi-fi problems?
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My stint as a temporary associate pastor at my church is slowly winding down.  Seven Sundays left.  It has been a real joy to be so involved in the life  of a great church, but my "second retirement" will also be a joy.  At sixty-nine years of age, I understand better the phrase, "My get-up-and-go has done got-up-and-went."
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Tiger Woods stepped up slightly on the national pecking order with his play and demeanor at the Masters in Atlanta.  Chickens finding one in their midst with sickness or weakness will gang up on it and peck it to death.  That seems to be the intent of many golf "purity" supporters. 

The chief spokesman for the Masters in his opening statement couldn't pass the opportunity to stab Tiger for his lapse of morality.   This is the man whose organization will still not allow women to be members, and for the longest would not allow Afro-Americans to play on their sacred fairways. 

I  think of Jesus looking down at the woman charged with adultery, then up at the men who had thrown her at Jesus feet.  "You without sin, cast the first stone." Leave Tiger alone.   He has paid for his indiscretions.  Let  he and his wife deal with this.
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The greedy wealthy are like the junipers (Cedars) in Texas.  Refusing to let the  rain trickle down,  they suck dry the ground which supports them.

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