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Monday, April 5, 2010

Joining the Tea-Baggers, Radically

Perhaps my taste has changed; perhaps I have grown tired of the failed promises, but whatever the reason, I have given up on the mainline and gone for a radical solution.

No more coffee for me.  After months of hopes raised by slick, colored tin-foil packaging, of smelling the delicious aroma of coffee--only to be disappointed by the brewed result, coffee is gone from my daily diet.

I have tried at least  ten different highly-recommended brands with poor results.  Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Folgers, imported Rowandan  coffee, Cafe Ole, Sensco, Eight O'Clock, Maxwell House, name it, I've tried it.   I have bought a new coffee pot, tried three older ones with poor results.  I have ground coffee beans, thinking that might render my sought-for pleasure.  Nada. Nada. Nada.

The only satisfying cup of coffee I have found is at McDonalds--and I'm not going to drive thru there five times a day to fix my caffeine level.

Starbucks was a tremendous let-down.  The mecca of good coffee seekers, so I thought.  I tried, but, I don't want a coffee milkshake, just a plain cup of black coffee.  When I asked for that, what they gave me was strong enough to clog my esophagus.  I can only assume the appeal of that place is to adolescent desires for candied coffee.

Hello tea.  For some reason, unexplained to me, I can taste hot, freshly-brewed tea.  It has a pleasant flavor, and I get a smug affirmation of my distant English roots.

Brewing tea seems so elementary and so idiosyncratic.  You can steep your cup to your precise taste. 

A covenant forms between you and your little bag of tea.  A bonding is fused:  "treat me kindly and I will deliver just the taste for which you thirst."  The only pain associated with the process is the discarding of the bag, after the steeping is done. [I wonder if you can get a quality taste by using the tea bag more than once?]

Earl Grey is the tea of choice for the moment; but, I have only been on this kick for a couple of weeks.  I am willing to experiment around with other flavors.  In the meantime you may call me a "tea-bagger", in the radical sense of course.

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