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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today I saw a woman dressed in jeans, high heels, blackened eyes going into  Wal Mart.  She looked like a cheap prostitute.  If we want to save the world, we need to:

(1) get rid of high heels.  They serve no practical purpose other than to purport faux-sexuality.  They are doubly stupid: (a) who cares how tall you are, (b) they hurt your feet.  Stop it.

(2) Women should stop wearing so much make-up--in fact stop wearing it all.  We'll get used to it; and start seeing real beauty.

Of course, going against cultural norm means tough resistance from the Maybellines, Revlons and Estee Lauder corporations.  So what.  Their propaganda is a bunch of self-serving, greedy sales-pitches.  They care only for making money at women's expense.

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