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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bath, Lacock, Stonehenge, June 10 Thursday

Lacock was a waste of time to me. Judee said it was charming. The vIllage was built from the 11th to 14th centuries and is used in many movies, Harry Potter being one.

Stonehenge was a tremendous place--awesome, mystifying and, alas, only 45 minutes
were allotted to walk around it. Some spiritual motivation must have driven the massive and prolonged effort. This construction took place some. 5,000 years ago. I speculate the people worshipped a "Sun God"--but that is just conjecture. There is a mystical quality here.

We did eat at Thr Huntsman (Bath's oldest pub) and had wonderful English cuisine. judee enjoyed fish and chips and I had ia great sample of pub food: an 8 oz cheese burger And chips and a Carling.

Tomorrow we take a train (four hour trip) from.Bath to Doncaster and then a bus over to Epworth where we will spend the night, walk around the town and take a tour of the Wesley parsonage. We feel rather smug that we have learned how to get around the bus stations and.rail stations. But it Is a new day. . .

We miss everyone, and Angus!


  1. Think I lost a comment here from CE.
    Stonehenge is tremendous.
    iPad is super but I don't have a good handle on using Pages (wp) yet.
    Do you guys have a handle on off shore drilling?

  2. Todd I don't understand why your comment did not print. Please write it again. Love, Dad