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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blenheim Palace (north of Oxford) June 8 Tuesday

Tuesday June 8 OXFORD
Spent the night at Newton's Guest House. the water was nice and warm. It does seem that most things here are smaller.
The transportation system is super: underground, buses, coaches (intercity buses), trains. It is possible I am sure to get around with no car quite well.

Breakfast at our B n B. Judee said it was good.

At noon we were at Blenheim Palace (some twenty miles north of Oxford). Winston Churchill was born here and is buried here. He never lived here but did spend considerable time as a youth here.

We met a couple from Boston at lunch. They had rented a car. I think it would be extremely unwise for me to try to drive on the left side of the road,

The first part of the tour was going thru the rooms of the palace and hearing about the Dukes of Marlborough. The last part was dramatic presentations of the personal lives of the dukes and duchesses.

Back to Oxford, and late lunch @ McDonalds. This is the. Way the world should eat.

We bought train tickets to Bristol and Bath for 36 pounds. We will travel there tomorrow. We will see Wesley's "New Room" and then Stonehenge at Salisbury. Time is flying past. Tomorrow will be our seventh day here (I think). CHEERIO!

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  1. Mexican food and McDonald's in England when there are great pubs and pasty shops?!?!?!? No, no, no! Get into the pubs! They are not just bars like you would find here. The food is great, reasonably priced, and everyone eats there. You can try some typical English fare. The pies on the whole were delicious! Loved the chicken pies and pasties at the little pasty shops! Just 4 days and look at all you have done and seen! Wow! Keep it up and have a wonderful trip!