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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bristol Bath

Newton Guest House, Oxford, June 9

Did I mention that yesterday, while waiting for our bus to take us from Blenheim Palace to Oxford i met a fellow from Africa. He was visiting Oxford where he had attended college. We had an interesting conversation about the world debt crisis.

At breakfast i asked for bacon and got ham. It is the unfulfilled expectations that makes for travel frustrations--minor yet present. Our cook and waitress Is from Brazil. Combine my Texas dialect with her Portugese and miracles need to happen.

Yesterday we walked from our BnB to.the rail station. Couldn't figure out which bus to get on.

Today we are on a train going from Oxford to Bristol. Doing anything for the first time is fqull of confusion but have been rescued by very nice people.

Met a man at train station waiting for a transfer. He had a very sweet little dog named "Feather". He had gone to Oxford to buy a new car: a 17 year old Mercedez-Benz. He was a retired musician and said he appeared in a movie with "the American comic genius, Mel Brook".

We got to Bristol and managed to find John Wesley's New Room. I confess to shedding a few tears and raising some chill bumps upon entering the sanctuary. It is a plain facility but heavily laden with Wesley's spirit. David Worthington, manager of the structure, took us on a tour--enlightening, inspiring.

A bus ride to Bath where we found the Wentworth House Hotel. We settled in for a nap, then headed for downtown Bath. The Bath Abbey, Roman Baths, the Avon River. The vast majority of the buildings in this city are said to have been built in the 18 th century (surely not?). We found the pickup place for our tour of Stonehenge tomorrow.

Then off to dinner at a favorite diner: McDonalds--and that great English delicacy, a quarter-pounder, fries and a large diet Coke with extra ICE.

Another "to-do" for tomorrow is to get back to an Internet cafe and send this page out.


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